Memory Improve Master - memory optimizer, improve memory, free memory
Q: What difference between Memory Improve Master Free Version and Memory Improve Master?
A: The difference listed as below:
1. Memory Improve Master is a shareware rather than freeware.
2. Memory Improve Master updated recently, and more features added. (See more...)
Q: How to upgrade to Memory Improve Master?
A: After opening Memory Improve Master Free Version, please left click the question mark located at the upper-right corner, then select the "Upgrade" from the pop-up menu.
Q: Where can I get a registered version of the software or how can I register the software using the website provided?
A: If you have installed our trial version, you do not need to download anything else. To register the software, you have to click the 'Buy Now' button on the main toolbar (the first window you see when you start your downloaded trial version). You will see a registration box. Please enter the unlock key you have received from us.
Q: Is online ordering secure?
A: Yes, it is 100% secure. We promise the most secure purchases, as we have for years. Memory Improve Master Studio does e-business via 2 reliable third parties - ShareIt and RegNow. You can choose one you trust or with which you have had a good experience. We strongly recommend ShareIt. Click here to see more details about the security identification of these third parties.
Q: Can Memory Improve Master make my system unstable?
A: No. It increases the amount of available memory to applications. Your system will become more stable. It installs no VxDs or drivers and does not modify your system files.
Q: Will Memory Improve Master Speed Up My Computer?
A: Free Memory Improve Master frees up more RAM memory, your computer would be able to process information faster.
Q: How to free memory effectively?
A: 1. Free memory manually by two ways.
1.1. Click "Free (Recommend)" button on Information Overview tab.
1.2. Click "FastFree" button on Memory Optimization tab.

2. Free memory automatically.
Check the "Auto free memory" box On Memory Optimization tab and set following relative parameter:
2.1. Set time interval (minute) on "Auto free every" glide bar.
2.2. Select one or two list ("White List", "Smart List", "Black List", "Idle List") as reference rule.
Q: Can Memory Improve Master free memory with hotkey?
A: Of course, on Configuration Settings tab, check "Free Memory Now" hot key, You may specify the key combination you wish to use, and click Set button, then Memory Improve Master will free memory whenever you press the specified key combinations.
Q: Is the Trial version different from Full version?
A: Trial version of the software can be downloaded for free which works effectively for 9 days. After 9 days the software expires and you need to purchase Full version of the software. Full version of Memory Improve Master can be purchased for $16.99(3-Year-License).
Q: I have registered the software, but lost my registration details - what can I do now?
A: It is very important that you save your Original Receipt (at least your Order ID) or Registration Email. If it is lost, we will need the email address you used while registering, as we will send the registration details only to the Registration email address.
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